Take This NBA Quiz in Honor of Wilt’s 100-Point Game

Wilt Chamberlain hit the century mark 53 years ago tonight.

Wilt Chamberlain hit the century mark 53 years ago tonight.

(This is another one of the occasional non-baseball posts on the Dazzy Vance Chronicles. Back to baseball tomorrow.)

By Glen Sparks

Wilt Chamberlain did something amazing 53 years ago tonight in Hershey, Pa. He made 28 of 32 free-throw attempts. Yuck, yuck. The notoriously poor foul shooter scored 72 other points that night on 36-63 shooting, becoming the first and still only NBA player to hit the century mark in one game.

You can read more about the record-breaking night in this post. In honor of Wilt’s 100-point effort, I am posting a quiz about Wilt and other NBA players, teams and coaches. The quiz has 13 questions in honor of Wilt’s uniform number. Good luck!

  1. The night Wilt totaled 100 points, who finished second in scoring for the Warriors?
  2. How many times in his career did Wilt score at least 50 points in one game?
  3. Who is credited with scoring the first basket in an NBA game (then called the Basketball Association of America)?
  4. Who was the league’s first non-Caucasian player?
  5. The San Diego Clippers left for Los Angeles in 1984. From what cold-weather city did the team originate?
  6. Can you name the four NBA teams that originated in the former ABA?
  7. Can you trace all the nicknames and the transcontinental journey of the current Sacramento Kings franchise?
  8. Michael Jordan, of course, is first on the Chicago Bulls’ all-time point scored list with 29,277. Scottie Pippen is second with 15,123. Who is third?
  9. The acquisition of Bill Russell turned around the Boston Celtic franchise. How did the Celtics acquire the great center?
  10. The 1971-72 Lakers went 69-13 en route to a championship and won 33 straight at one point. Who led that team in scoring average?
  11. Which coach led the New York Knicks to nine straight playoff appearances beginning in 1947?
  12. Below was the logo of what NBA team?


13. Where did Wilt Chamberlain work in the summer months during his high school years?


  • Al Attles scored 17 points that night for the Warriors, a mere 83 points behind Wilt. Richie Guerin led the New York Knicks with 39 points.
  • Wilt scored at least 50 points in a single game 118 times. Michael Jordan is second with 31, followed by Kobe Bryant (24), Elgin Baylor (14) and Rick Barry (13).
  • Ozzie Schectman supposedly scored the first basket in NBA. On Nov. 1, 1946, he notched the opening bucket for the Knicks in a game against the Toronto Huskies at Toronto’s Maple Leaf Gardens. The Knicks won the game 68-66. Schectman’s 8.1 points per game led New York in scoring.
  • Wataru Misaka, a 5-foot-7-inch point guard out of Ogden, Utah, broke the league’s color barrier in the 1947-48 campaign, months after Jackie Robinson broke baseball’s color barrier. Misaka only played pro basketball for one season. He retired to get into engineering, which offered a comparable salary.
  • The Clippers franchise originally called snowy Buffalo, N.Y., home. Founded in 1970 as the Buffalo Braves, the team changed its name, packed some suntan lotion and moved to San Diego in 1978.
  • The American Basketball Association (ABA), founded in 1967 and famous for its red, white and blue basketball, folded in 1976. The Denver Nuggets, Indiana Pacers, New York (later, New Jersey, and now Brooklyn) Nets and San Antonio Spurs were absorbed into the NBA.
  • The Sacramento Kings were founded in 1923 as the Rochester, NY., Seagrams. They changed names to the Rochester Eber Seagrams in 1942 and then to the Rochester Royals in 1945. In 1957, the team headed to Ohio as the Cincinnati Royals. That move lasted until the squad packed up and traveled farther west to become the Kansas-Omaha Kings. Both cities hosted Kings games until K.C. took over in 1975. A decade later, California’s capital came calling. The team has been the Sacramento Kings since 1985.
  • Bob Love led some of the fine Bulls teams of the late 1960s and 70s. He finished his Chicago career with 12,623 points.
  • The St. Louis Hawks selected Bill Russell with the second pick overall in the 1956 NBA draft. The Hawks then traded Russell to the Celtics for Cliff Hagen and St. Louis native Ed Macauley.
  • The 1971-72 Lakers boasted several superstars, including Jerry West and Wilt Chamberlain. It was future Hall of Famer Gail Goodrich, though, who led the team in scoring with a career-high 25.9 points a game.
  • Long before Red Holtzman took over, Joe Lapchick led the Knicks from the sidelines. He took the team to three straight finals (1951-53). In his playing days, Lapchick was a 6-foot-5 center with the original Celtics. He also coached the men’s team at St. John’s University for several seasons.
  • The logo is of the Ft. Wayne Pistons, who moved to Detoit in 1957.
  • Wilt worked as a bellhop at Kutsher’s Hotel near Monticello, N.Y., a Borscht Belt resort in the Catskill Mountains.


Joe Lopchick played for the Celtics before embarking on a coaching career with the Knicks.

Joe Lopchick played for the Celtics before embarking on a coaching career with the Knicks.

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