What Do You Know about the Babe?

BabeRuthFree1(I had originally planned to publish this Babe Ruth quiz on Saturday, following my article about Ruth’s birthday. Unfortunately, some stuff came up. My bad. Anyway, here it is. The answers are in bold at the end of the article. Good luck!)

By Glen Sparks

  1. We know that most people called George Herman Ruth Jr. “Babe.” Others called him the Bambino or the Sultan of Swat. Can you name some other Babe Ruth nicknames? Hint: Think alliteration.
  2. Who was the Red Sox owner who sold Ruth to the Yankees before the 1920 season?
  3. How many times was Ruth suspended during the 1922 season?
  4. How many home runs did Ruth hit in the World Series?
  5. What was Ruth’s highest single-season salary?
  6. What was Ruth’s career ERA as a pitcher?
  7. What was the count on Ruth when he hit his so-called “called shot”?
  8. How many times did Ruth lead the A.L. in batting average? On-base percentage?
  9. What was the lowest total of home runs that Ruth hit to lead the American League?
  10. Ruth hit a then-career record 714 home runs. Whose record did he break?
  • Here are a few of Ruth’s nicknames: The Wizard of Wham, the Maharajah of Mash, the Rajah of Rap, the Behemoth of Bash, the Prince of Pounders …
  • Harry Frazee sold the rights to Ruth for $100,000, plus a $350,000 loan from Yankee owner Jacob Ruppert.
  • The Yankees suspended five times in 1922.
  • Babe hit 15 home runs in the Fall Classic. He clubbed four in 1924.
  • The Babe made $80,000 in 1933 and 1934.
  • Ruth’s career ERA was 2.28.
  • The count was 2-2. Some people say Ruth was pointing one finger to indicate he still had one strike left.
  • Ruth led the league in batting in 1924 (.378). He led the league in on-base percentage 10 times.
  • 11, with the Boston Red Sox in 1918. Ruth also led the league with a record 29 in 1919 to lead the league. The Sultan of Swat led the A.L. in home runs 12 times, 10 times with the Yankees and twice with the Red Sox.
  • Roger Connor’s. Connor hit 138 home runs, a mark that the Bambino broke in 1921. Ruth extended the record 575 times.

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