Which Old Ballpark? … Bobo Throws a No-No

By Glen Sparks

Are you ready for another round of Which Old Ballpark? This time, we have 10 ballparks and 10 clues. The answers are at the bottom. Good luck!

  1. Angry fans pelted the Cardinals’ Joe “Ducky” Medwick with an assortment of fruit at this old ballpark during Game 7 of the 1934 World Series.
  2. Hilda Chester rang a cowbell to excite the crowd at this old ballpark.
  3. In 1950, Red Schoendist hit a home run in the 14th inning to help the National League beat the American League at the All-Star Game held in this old ballpark.
  4. A 15-year-old Joe Nuxhall made his debut at this old ballpark on June 10, 1944.
  5. Babe Ruth belted career home run No. 500 on Aug. 11, 1929, at this old ballpark.
  6. Tony Lazzeri drove in 11 runs at this old ballpark on May 24, 1936.
  7. Dale Long homered in his eighth straight game at this old ballpark on May 28, 1956.
  8. This old ballpark was the site of Ernest Padgett’s unassisted triple play Oct. 6, 1923.
  9. “Bobo” Holloman tossed a new-hitter in his first start, May 6, 1953, at this old ballpark.
  10. This old ballpark was famous for its giant-sized Lifebuoy ad in right field.


This old ballpark is the answer to No. 3.

This old ballpark is the answer to No. 3.

  1.  Tiger Stadium in Detroit

  2.  Ebbets Field in Brooklyn

  3.  Comiskey Park in Chicago

  4.  Crosley Field in Cincinnati

  5.  League Park in Cleveland

  6.  Shibe Park in Philadelphia

  7.  Forbes Field in Pittsburgh

  8.  Braves Field in Boston

  9.  Sportsman’s Park in St. Louis

10.  Baker Bowl in Philadelphia

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