Who Was the Dazziest One of All in 2014? Find Out Next Week

Who will win the first Dazzy?

Who will win the first Dazzy?

By Glen Sparks

The World Series is over, and we’re getting into the hectic baseball awards season. To make this time even busier, I am introducing a new honor. Next week, I will announce the winner of the first Dazzy Vance Award, to be given to the National League pitcher who put up the most Dazzy Vance-like statistics during 2014.

Vance, of course, posted big strikeout numbers for the Dodgers; he led the N.L. in K’s seven times. He also didn’t walk batters or give up a lot of hits or runs. He topped the league in strikeout/walk ratio eight times, shutouts four times, WHIP three times and ERA three times.

The winner can expect no monetary compensation. He can, of course, burst with pride and joy throughout the offseason.

Why, you might ask, is only a National League hurler eligible to win a Dazzy? I am sure Vance would have wanted it this way. The right-hander pitched 2,966.2 innings in the big leagues. Only 30.1 of those innings came in the American League. Vance was an N.L. guy.

Stay tuned to see who wins a Dazzy.


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