St. Louis Celebrated Good Times in 1926

By Glen SparksBirds on Bat

Cardinal fans put on quite the party after their team won the 1926 World Series against the New York Yankees. Tim O’Neill wrote an article in Sunday’s St. Louis Post-Dispatch about the city’s first championship. “It was like a city-wide detonation.” the Post-Dispatch reported at the time.

The Redbirds beat the Yankees in seven games. Grover Cleveland Alexander, near the end of his storied career, threw two-complete game victories for St. Louis. He also recorded a big out in Game 7 in relief.

Babe Ruth was at his mightiest and most befuddling in the Series. The Babe hit three home runs in Game 4 and another in Game 7 after belting 47 in the regular season. Of note, he only stole 11 bases during the campaign and was caught nine times. That didn’t stop the not-so-fleet-footed Bambino from trying to steal second base with two outs in the ninth inning and the Yankees trailing 3-2. Bob Meusel was up to bat, and the great Lou Gehrig was on deck. Redbird catcher Bob O’Farrell nailed Ruth at second base to end the Series.

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