Looking for the Dazzy Vance Chronicles? You found it!

By Glen Sparks

Part I

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy this introductory post and many more after that.

Dazzy Vance won 197 games in his career, mostly with the Dodgers.

Dazzy Vance won 197 games in his career, mostly with the Dodgers.

I call this blog the Dazzy Vance Chronicles. Vance was a hard-throwing, late-blooming ace for the Brooklyn Robins, a.k.a. the Dodgers. A Midwest guy, he could probably thank a painful night of poker playing for getting his Hall of Fame career going. (You’ll be able to read more about Vance in an upcoming post.)

Really, the blog might more aptly be titled the Will White Chronicles. White, who completed almost every game he started, inspired this Internet exercise. Does it fascinate you as much as it does me that pitchers from yesteryear like White, Walter Johnson and Cy Young threw so many innings and so many complete games? After reading about White and his pitching prowess (75 complete games in one season. Yes, that’s a record, and a very safe one.), I decided to write a blog that focuses on bygone baseball. (Like Vance, you can read about White in a future post.)

How did I settle on Dazzy Vance Chronicles as the blog’s title? Well, Charles Arthur Vance did have a pretty cool nickname, didn’t he? Beyond that, I wanted to name the blog after an old-time player. Will White just seemed too obscure. He pitched in an era not long after the Civil War had ended.

The Lou Gehrig Chronicles would have been too easy. Gehrig was a superstar of the first order, like Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth. Better to go down one notch. Dazzy Vance seemed just right, a better choice than Walter “Rabbit” Maranville or George “High Pockets” Kelly. And, OK, I am a lifelong Dodger fan, so there was that, too.


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